Damien was amazing, the service was exceptional and fast. Very respectful and kind

Cleo Perry

Damian!! He was super helpful in this stressful moment. The estimated time was 90 minutes but he got there in 30 (& it only took that long bc we were on the Highway with traffic) Anyway, I highly recommend. He was super nice and fast! 5 stars

Praise Robinson

Damian saved me from the side of the turnpike! I got a flat tire and was sitting on the shoulder, when he pulled over and asked if he could look at it. He was very professional and quickly plugged my tire right there on the road. I've been driving on it for the past few days with no issues. Amazing service!

Alexandra Adams

No one wants to be stranded with a flat. But if you are, then you want Damian to be there. He is kind and professional. When my parents had a flat, he repaired it on the spot and gave them some cold water on the hot summer day. A true gentleman who works hard as a small business owner.

Steven Shin

Definitely Recommend DLS Roadside Services.. I was sitting on the side of the road waiting for AAA when out of nowhere my man Damian pulled up on me and offered to help me out cause he seen me sitting on the side of a road he normally runs. I was so thankful cause I was gonna be waiting for up to 2 hours for other assistance when I already was about 45 min in waiting. He saved me a bunch of time and headache and was very professional and helpful and he was willing to do it for no charge but I had to give my brother something cause he saved the day. I finally found a great roadside assistance that's quick and helpful and I wanna thank Damian again for looking out for me. 5 stars in my book Thanks.

Steve Largemintz

Damian is the man!
Great communication to find out my exact location. Helped me with a flat was able to plug tire on site and get me back going quick. Highly recommend!

Adam Gottlieb

I would give 10 stars to this services but it only let's me do 5. I had a flat tire with no jack to change it on my way to work and this services without me asking helped me with it when he saw me on the road. they have the best prices around the area so if you need any assistance please contact them.

Juan Carlos

Damian was sent from God, I swear. My dad and I were on the way to the airport, when the tire popped. Damian was on the OTHER side of the highway, and did a whole U-turn to come and help us. He even offered us cold drinks on this hot day. Almost 100°. Thank you so much, Damian! My family and I appreciate you so much.

Hennessy Nunez

Damian saw me on the side of the road and offered to help. Didn't want to take payment but I insisted. He even offered me a car tree air freshener. Nicest guy! I recommend his services. Reasonable and doesn't try to take advantage like others would. Support this man and his business!

Nick Netto